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Permanent School Contracts
Permanent international teaching and administrative positions across the globe.
Quality Educators and Leading International Schools
21st Century Online Personalised Service
Search the pages for educators or vacancies, direct contact between educator and schools.
No registration fee for educators and schools.
The Daily Squad - Short Term Contracts
Interim, short term teaching and administrative opportunities from one month to one year.
Quality Educators and Leading International Schools
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I had the wonderful opportunity to work in Dubai for a 1 year contract, it was a life changing experience.

Year 6 Teacher

Naomi Sherbourne

Naomi Sherbourne

ATC helped me work in a remote school in Northern Territory. Everyone was easy to work with, they communicated with me throughout the process and made sure everything was in place.

Year 8 Middle School Teacher

James Wilson

James Wilson

Through the network of ATC I was given the opportunity to start my teaching career in a school that suit my interest, surfing, outdoor life and adventure. I  am now working in Far North Queensland.

High School PE

David Walsh

David Walsh

“What is it about such high regard for Australian Educator around the world?" Its relationships, it dedication, its well trained teachers, AUSTRALIAN TEACHERS embodies ethical and honest practices in its effort to ensure dedicated Educators are placed in front of classrooms around the world. We will improve the quality of education in schools around the world by putting the best Educators in schools that match their aspirations, values and mirror the school culture. 
While still continuing to offer clients a personal and responsive service with True Teaching I am now able to be more effective by adopting a recruitment model that offers a single point of contact for both teachers and schools;

At ATC, you will find consistency in our range of services and in our pricing no matter what time of year!

Database Search Option for Schools:

AUD $1500 per placement (Teachers)
AUD $2000 per placement (Middle Management Positions (HOD, IB Coordinator, Head of Year)
AUD $2500 per placement (Senior/Executive Positions)
Select Consultancy Services by tried and tested highly experienced senior Educators at competitive rates.
No registration fee for Client schools

Our satisfaction comes from finding qualified, experienced and genuinely committed Educators eager to fill vacancies in classrooms.

Prescreened: The thorough checking of qualifications to include degrees, transcripts and teaching certificates, three confidential references. Our structured screening and selection process includes telephone conversations, resetting of expectations where necessary, providing personal guidance and invaluable advice. Our HR team has been very successful in finding the right person for the right school.

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