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Our SCOPE Strategy?

  • Simple
  • Continuous
  • Objectively Led
  • Personalised
  • Evidence Based

Keep it simple. Each year, identify and focus on one or two instructional priorities — effective instructional practices that the district wants teachers to learn, refine, or improve. Ideally, Schools should select the priorities with input from the teachers themselves. They should clearly communicate these priorities and expectations throughout all levels of the organisation.
Organise all available education support to help teachers implement these instructional priorities. Our organisation believes that introducing teachers to a new way of teaching reading or writing without the proper follow-up support only confuses and frustrates the teacher.
School should make a deliberate effort to support teacher implementation of instructional priorities through training events, coaching, principal observation, staff and grade-level meetings, and evaluation systems. But ultimately, the best professional development comes from teachers teaching one another. If schools can establish a collaborative, intellectually stimulating environment for teachers, that’s a place where children will learn.
Create a feedback loop to help teachers monitor implementation. Once districts define the outcomes they want to achieve, they should use teacher observations and student data to provide teachers with information about whether changes are having an effect on student achievement. Teachers may need help learning how to conduct related assessments, analyse and interpret the data, and adapt their instruction in response to the data.
Realise that change takes time. Too often, districts work on something for a year, then revamp their priorities and launch a whole new set of goals for the next year. Administrators must realise that teachers will still need support when implementing changes the second year.

How do we achieve this?

It takes systematic, explicit teaching at the whole classroom level.
It takes expert staff to help implement evidence-based, one on one, instruction to help teachers achieve desired outcomes.
If you want to build a great school with a no-fail attitude, talk to us.
Great Educators implement instructional strategies and work to master skills to create a more learner-centred practice, developing students that are self-directed, goal-oriented problem solvers and life-long learners.about an on-site consultation.

Our vast experience with many different schools and our wide knowledge of available programs and tools will help you select and implement the right framework for confident teachers reaching their goals.

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Student Services

We think it’s important for YOU to make an informed choice about your family's learning support: this is why we offer, one-on-one consultations. Our consultation sessions are designed to hone in on your objectives and provide practical guidance about your private session. 

 Special Education for children with additional and diverse needs

· Career planning/ training for young adults with additional needs

· Training on disability employment for employers

· Professional training for special needs educators

Our aim is to acknowledge and embrace differences and empower those with additional needs to gain appropriate skills to participate and contribute in the wider community.

Special Education for children with additional and diverse needs:

Children with additional needs can include those with intellectual disability, physical disability, vision impairment, hearing impairment, language disorder, mental health condition or autism.

Special education is providing specialised exercises and techniques that would be appropriate to the individual needs of children.

Our approach is to develop individualised strategies for children with additional needs and support them according to their requirements.

This will help them participate and feel included at school and in the community.

We can provide the following support programs as required:

Early Intervention Program:

This will enable young children get support as early as possible and work on the child’s development and health needs.

We will assist children develop specific skills and use them in different settings and prepare them to move to school.

Other strategies we can include will be accommodations and modifications. These will be used to assist the children with their learning and education.

Accommodations- are changes made easier for the children with additional needs to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.

Modifications- changes made to content, expectation and performance according to the needs of each child.

We will provide accommodations in the following categories:

a)    Presentation-To modify the way information and instructions are presented

b)   Assignments/projects-To modify the way a child with additional needs attempts and completes the assignments/tasks.

c)     Time- To adjust the time given to the child in relation to completing a task.

 The following modifications can be considered.

a)    Quantity- can modify the number of tasks a child with additional needs is expected to attempt and complete.

b)   Output-students can be given the options on how they prefer to target/respond to tasks and instructions.

c)     Adjustments to goals- can use the general curriculum as a guide, and can make changes to the outcome expectations.

Behaviour Modification

We can provide behaviour modification strategies that shapes undesirable behaviours with desirable behaviours through positive or negative reinforcement.

Career planning and training for young adults with additional needs:

We can assist young adults with additional needs with their career planning.  We can assist them to identify what they are able to do, their interests and aspirations as a main component of effective career planning. This might require further education and training that will help the students to make appropriate choices for a fulfilling and active future.

We can tailor suitable training courses according to the requirements of the students.

Training on disability employment for employers:

We can work together to share and provide information on disability employment and awareness training on diversity at the workplace. Training can be focused on creating an inclusive environment that accepts differences of every staff member and to embrace their strengths which would provide opportunities for all the staff to develop and reach their full potential.

Further, training can be provided to recognise the business benefits of employing people with a disability.

 Professional training for special needs Educators:

We can focus on some of the following topics and can modify according what is required.

a)    Flexible learning pathways for students with learning difficulties.

b)   Personalised learning and differentiated curriculum.

c)     Approaches to students with challenging behaviours.

d)   Inclusive educational programs into practice- focus on access and success for people with diverse educational needs.


Instructional Coaching

Instructional leaders are crucial for teacher growth and student achievement. Whether starting a new initiative or just scaling best practices, effective leaders communicate a clear vision, guide teams, and coach staff.

Staff Development

When students are engaged, learning flourishes. Our sessions aim to be vibrant  and inviting by giving students choice and voice, fostering collaboration, and personalising learning with the help of data.

School Partnerships

To thrive in school and beyond, students must feel valued. Our tutors create inclusive and responsive  virtual classrooms when they adapt to students' needs, build social-emotional skills, and honour diverse perspectives.

21st Century Learning

With new technology and instructional models an educational stable, we can transform the student-teacher learning experience to make it data-driven, personalised, and continuously relevant.

Individual sessions

As a dedicated learning organisation: 

We are here to support your staff

We aim to provide you with the confidence needed to achieve


When teachers effectively shift to more rigorous, student-centred curriculum, they can transform classrooms into engaging, productive, and joyful learning spaces. Our mission to to raise our standard to meet this classroom demand.

Private sessions

As a dedicated service provider, we support schools to improve performance and yields benefits: 

It helps you achieve success

It gives you a chance to shape your career for the future.

Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Supporting the work you do in the classroom, and at your school, to improve school wide wellbeing. Practical advice and high impact practices that improve outcomes.

Equipping School Staff with foundational skills and instructional practices for:

Building Relationships
Equipping staff and students with SEL/SEI
Providing collaborative mental health and wellness activities
Infusing engaging strategies

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