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At Australian Teachers Corporation (ATC), we are dedicated professionals consisting of TEACHERS HELPING TEACHERS. Our licensed staff of reflective practitioners seeks to enhance the professional development and learning of educators. We achieve this by providing teachers with national and state accredited graduate courses for salary enhancement, state re-certification and continued education. We offer independent self-study distance learning , on-site , online webinar, workshop, institute and video based classes for your busy schedule. These courses feature the most current research combined with modern day practical instructional strategies that can be used immediately in the classroom. Others can be used for everyday life outside of your current professional role.

Each ATC PD course and is developed by an experienced professional educator with a Masters or Doctorate degree in their field of expertise. We research, grow and facilitate each of our programs with the learning needs of the teacher in mind to enhance and improve their professional skills in the classroom. At ATC, we explore and develop some of the latest theories and concepts and apply them to the most important aspects affecting teachers and administrators today. Each one of our courses has been approved by our partnering universities as Masters level graduate courses or continous learning classes for your professional practice..


As teachers, our time is valuable, so spending it productively is essential, and with as much flexibility in if you can acquire your professional development can also be significant. 


As busy students, our most precious commodity is simply time. Therefore it's essential to take advantage of tools that allow you to be successful.

Course Library

We offer a range of courses and training for soft skills, 21st Century Skills and SEL wellness programs. Our platform caters for online learning and school based bookings and workshops.

ATAR Support

Our classes are criteria based, interactive and incredibly simple to navigate and use. Our courses have been created by experts in their field.

Teacher Reviews

"Amazing course, I took two more additional and it was well worth it."

Cathyn Clarke

Cathyn Clarke

Trinity Bay Senior High School

"Amazing course, I took two more additional and it was well worth it."

Lisa Howard

Lisa Howard

Sacred Heart College

"This was a great course, it allowed me to take what I learned from the assignments and apply it directly into my own class."

Matthew Cotton

Matthew Cotton

Hale School

"This was a great course, it allowed me to take what I learned from the assignments and apply it directly into my own class."

Scott Hobson

Scott Hobson

Wesley College

Our Story


The foundations of our practice is to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our model of practice known as the AKUNA model. This Model stands for Access, Knowledge, Understanding, Nurturing and Application. The principles within those letters goes beyond teaching and learning and is interwoven in our company vision.

We have known for decades that the people who have the most impact on student outcomes are teachers and parents. Technology’s role should not be to replace teachers or parents, but rather to enhance the interactions among teachers, parents, and students and thereby students’ learning empowers them to develop mastery of the academic standards and develop ownership of their learning. We offer a blended approach to cover all areas.




The classroom remains one of the pillars in schools today; however, technology continues to make vast headway into the new learning environments and new learning experiences for our students. Teachers must find productive ways to integrate technology in their lessons, their teaching styles, to make the classroom more engaging and exciting while responding to a variety of learning differences- not an easy task. As a client, we will assist you to achieve the following objectives

*to refine and create problem solving skills;
*to help them become more digitally literate;
*to develop higher order thinking skills;
*to combine co-operative learning techniques with computer technology;
*to enhance metacognitive thinking;
*to understand the value of technology in society;
*to appreciate the value of cooperation;
*to promote the role of teachers in education;
*to advocate for a range of educational services for students, teachers, tutors and schools;
*to promote professional development of teachers;
*to promote research and excellence in education;
*to provide a forum for the development and enhancement of 21st Century skills; 6C's;
*to promote joint membership agreements with organisations around the world to support learning;
*to connect with others on global, social and educational levels

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