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At Australian Teachers Corporation (ATC), we are dedicated professionals consisting of top educators. Our staff of conscientious practitioners seek to enhance the development and learning of our clients. We achieve this by providing courses and training. We offer independent self-study distance learning , on-site , online webinar, workshop, institute and video based classes for your busy schedule. These opportunities feature the most current research combined with modern day practical instructional strategies that can be used immediately in the classroom. Others can be used for everyday life outside of your current professional role.

Relationships Building, Trust, and effective engagement in a caring and compassionate environment are at the core of our business. We value individuals engaging in positive interaction within the community. Mutual respect for diverse cultures, genders, religions, ages and socio-economic backgrounds. Empathy Understanding the beliefs, experiences and expectations of all individuals within the organisation and community. Empowerment To empower individuals to discover themselves also an aspirations and provide opportunities through support and training. Professionalism We have a commitment to maintaining and improving professional standards in the workplace through accountability and responsibility.

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The foundations of our practice is to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our model of practice known as the AKUNA model. This Model stands for Access, Knowledge, Understanding, Nurturing and Application. The principles within those letters goes beyond teaching and learning and is interwoven in our entire business model.

We have known for decades that the people who have the most impact on student outcomes are teachers and parents. Technology’s role should not be to replace teachers or parents, but rather to enhance the interactions among teachers, parents, and students and thereby power students’ learning empowering them to develop mastery of the academic standards and develop ownership of their learning.

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